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The Victorian Highland Pipe Band Association, established in 1924, is the oldest pipe band association in the world, and now functions to support the Victorian Branch of the A.P.B.A. Inc and the bands of that branch. Pipe Bands Victoria is the name used to market both associations, the APBA Inc. Victoria Branch being the body responsible for everyday band activities, the V.H.P.B.A. Inc. (the State Association formerly responsible for everyday band activities) remains active as an administrative facility to support the branch. There are some forty pipe bands in Victoria. The oldest have attained their centenary, while bands are still being formed in new areas. Most bands offer instruction to learners and players alike. Standards are set, and Certificates of Proficiency awarded by the Australian Pipe Band College. Ted Baillieu Sir Rupert Hamer AC, KCMG, ED was the first Chieftain of Pipe Bands Victoria and remained active in his support of the Association until his death in 2004. More recently, The Hon. Ted Baillieu MLA accepted an invitation to the appointment of Chieftain, and Mr Baillieu too actively supports Pipe Bands Victoria in its endeavours and goals.

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