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Fanfare of Magenta - Italy

The Fanfare dei Bersaglieri of Magenta was founded in 1984 by a group of soldiers on leave and over the years thanks also to the continuous renewal of the group with new young musicians, has become one of the most important and best known Fanfare of Italy getting sensational successes on national and international scale.

The Fanfare officially represents the Corps of Bersaglieri, born on June 18th 1836 in Turin. This new Corps of Italian Army stood out among the other corps for its surprising speed, never before seen, in the execution of the given tasks with men trained for running and shooting with modern rifles.

Since 2015 the Fanfare of Magenta is led by the new Capofanfara (head of the Fanfara), Bersagliere Fabio Borroni, who belonged to the military Fanfara of the 1st Regiment, heir of the 1st Company established in 1836.

Besides the different activities for military and civil events at home, including those in Milan, Turin, Rome Caserta and Modena, at the famous military bands Tattoos in Germany, France, Hungary up to New York, on the occasion of the Columbus Day parade.

Fanfara dei Bersaglieri of Magenta is proud of the friendship and partnership (jumelage) with the Legion Etrangere and every 14th July is invited as special guest of the French Consulate in Milan to the celebrations for the National Holiday.

The Fanfare of Bersaglieri is composed only of wind instruments in variable number for being ready to realise the carousel, a special performance that sees musicians playing while running, for creating figures, in alternation with performance of traditional music, always having the special and unique sound typical of the Fanfare. In the last figure all the Bersaglieri form the shape of a monument, holding the solo trumpet that represents the flag, the highest rank in the Army.

The Fanfare of Bersaglieri symbol of joyfulness and quickness is the only example in the world of 'running' military music.