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Crescendo Bicycle Band - The Netherlands

Bicycle Show band Crescendo, Opende - The Netherlands

The Bicycle Show band Crescendo started its life, like so many show bands, as a village music-corps. In 1922 Crescendo was founded as a normal 'sitting' fanfare just making music. Around 1960 Crescendo changed itself from a 'sitting' fanfare into a marching show band. After a drum band was added to the fanfare, Crescendo continued as a show band. For a long period Crescendo enjoyed many successes until in the early seventies when enthusiasm gradually decreased. However in 1973 two members of the band showed some fresh initiatives, stepped with their instruments on their bikes and started the new Crescendo for what it currently is - a world famous bicycle show band.

After the first show at the TT Motorcycle event in Assen, the band has always performed on bicycles. Clothed in red/blue uniforms or 'Volendam National Costumes' with wooden shoes

Once every 4 years Crescendo takes part in the World Music Contest in Kerkrade where the band could compare itself with other bands from all over the world, frequently ending up with golden awards as a result. The world of show bands in general is nowadays unthinkable without the Bicycle Showband Crescendo and forms an unprecedented part of the Dutch and foreign scenes of street parades, opening of events etc., Crescendo could bring a full programme of entertainment all with great success

Crescendo gives 'acte de presence' not only in the Netherlands but also in other parts of Europe and far beyond. Crescendo take part in a number of weekends at the international Musikparade in Germany and also perform in countries such as France, Begium, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

We have performed in Japan (8 times) Malaysia, Turkey, Romania and China. This year Crescendo will take part in many shows around the world. It could be said that the Bicycle Show band Crescendo is currently on of the best export products of the Netherlands.