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Belfast will host the third annual Tattoo event at The SSE Arena, Belfast on September 2015.

The Belfast Tattoo 2015 will showcase some of the finest musicians and dancers from across Ulster in a two hour show which will allow the artistes and bands to feature their talents on a scale or in an arena, never available to them before.

The Tattoo has its roots unashamedly in the traditions of the UlsterScots people but will reach out, through the forthcoming years, to showcase many talents through music and dance that UlsterScots people have come into contact with as they have travelled around the world and also those traditions and people who have come to Ulster and had an impact on the traditions of the people of Ulster.

The net has been spread far and wide to bring together many bands and artistes to perform in each year’s continually changing and evolving events, in the various sections of the show the bandsmen and bandswomen bring new and exciting, innovative ideas to their performances each year.