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About The Belfast Tattoo
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Belfast will host its very own Tattoo event at The Odyssey Arena, Belfast on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th September 2013.
This historic event will showcase some of the finest musicians and dancers from across Ulster in a two hour show which will allow the artistes and bands to feature and showcase their talents on a scale or in an arena never before available to these artistes and bands before.
The Tattoo will have its roots unashamedly in the traditions of the UlsterScots people but will reach out, through the forthcoming years, to showcase the talents, through music and dance, that UlsterScots people have come into contact with as they have travelled around the world and also those traditions and people who have come to Ulster and had an impact on the traditions of the people of Ulster.
The net has been spread far and wide to bring together the bands and artistes taking place in this year’s event and in the various sections of the show the following can be found;
The Massed UlsterScots Pipe Band Ravara Pipe Band Formed in1946 and based in Saintfield, Co Down, Ravara are a grade one pipe band under the leadership of Pipe Major Sam Connolly. Ravara are one of the most respected pipe bands in the U.K, having collected seventeen trophies in this grade. Seven Towers Pipe Band As their name suggests, Seven Towers Pipe Band are based firmly in Ballymena, Co Antrim, founded in 1927, Seven Towers were recently elevated to grade one standard again, having won the grade two world championships in Glasgow in 2011. Aughintober Pipe Band Originally a flute band the band changed to become a pipe band in 1949. Originally from the village of Castlecaufield in Co Tyrone, the band are in grade two level of the pipe band world and have recently won grade two championships here in Ulster organised by RSPBANI. Manorcunnigham Pipe Band Manorcunningham Pipe band are based in Co Donegal in, as the name suggests, the village of Manorcunnigham. Under the direction of Gordon Carson, the band, formed in the early 1990’s, have progressed rapidly through the RSPBA grades to currently reside in grade two, working hard to maintain this status and possibly progress. Cottown Pipe Band Another Co Down based pipe band, Cottown Pipe Band were formed in 1947 and can be found in the Newtownards area near Six Road Ends. The band under the direction of Pipe Major John Griffiths, are another grade two band who always challenge at the pipe band competitions organised by RSPBANI. The Accordion has always been an instrument favoured by the UlsterScots people in making music and has travelled with them around the world spreading their wings of influence. While not as popular as it once was, there are still some bands that not only keep this instrument alive but are actively increasing the numbers of young people playing the Accordion today. Dunloy Accordion Band The band was formed in 1956, are based in the small village of Dunloy. Dunloy Accordion Band are one of the hardest working bands in Ulster today performing in Concerts and competitions around Ulster throughout the year. With a strong emphasis of attracting and teaching young people the instrument the band have appeared on television and radio programmes for various channels and have a number of CD,s available to the public. Vow Accordion Band Vow is a small townland between Ballymoney and Rasharkin in Co Antrim. The band was formed in 1948, under its current leader, June Clyde, the band has focussed on attracting young people to take up the instrument and performing at local events associated with the UlsterScots tradition and culture. Flute Bands are, numerically, the biggest number of bands associated with the modern UlsterScots movement and culture today. The cost and ready availability made them appealing to those wanting to get into the musical traditions of the UlsterScots people. While the Flute, or Fife as some would call the instrument used by most of the bands, is a relatively simple instrument, there are some bands within the community who have gone on to not only expand the breadth of flute used in the performance of their music but build a particular type of wooden flute only available in this part of the world. Ballinran Flute Band Ballinran is a small townland two miles outside the village of Kilkeel at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, providing one of the most beautiful backdrops under which to produce great music. The band is proud of its strong community base and has one of the strongest and most dynamic drum corps in UlsterScots music. The band play B flat wooden flutes, which, in the past they bought from one particular company in London. On hearing this Company was to close, some members from the band went to London, bought the tooling and equipment needed to build these particular flutes and now produce Bb flutes in a modified and improved form through a new company Miller, Wicks (NI) Limited, which is owned by three members of the band.
Because the flutes are a much improved form of the old London flutes, it was a natural progression for Ballinran Flute Band to play these new instruments. This encapsulates the Ulster Scots spirit, when coming across a situation that may be detrimental, find a way to turn it into a positive.
Brookeborough Flute Band Based in the village of Brookeborough, Co Fermannagh, the band are a flute band in the terms of which Sir James Galway would understand from his days in Onward Flute Band. With a strong community base and a strong belief in giving young people a strong base from which to learn their instrument but also perform on a wide variety of stages. The quality of their music and the strong sense of being UlsterScots, has seen them travel to London, Scotland as well as all parts of Ulster. No Tattoo would be complete without Highland Dancing and the Belfast Tattoo shall be no different, drawing dancers from all parts of Ulster and down into Dublin. The Belfast Tattoo Highland Dancers The Belfast Highland Dance Troupe will be led and choreographed by Michelle Johnston, who is well known in Highland Dance circles, running dance classes for schools around Ulster as well as having her own class centred in Moneyreagh, Co Down. Michelle recently appeared as part of the Highland Dance troupe which appeared in Basel, Switzerland. Michelle has achieved the highest standard of performance in all forms of dance, including ballet, tap, Latin American, Irish and Highland Dance styles. Currently the Ulster Highland Dance Champion at Adult level for the sixth year in a row. Further announcements on bands and artistes taking part in the 2013 Belfast Tattoo will be announced as soon as they become available.

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The Belfast Tattoo 2013
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