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The Belfast Tattoo coverage in the News Letter


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27th September 2013
The big day has finally arrived - wishing all taking part the very best & we hope you have a wonderful experience!!
24th September 2013
Just to let you know, Alan McBride, Sylvia Burnside and Michelle Johnston shall all be appearing on the Alan Simpson show this afternoon on BBC Radio Ulster between 4.00pm and 4.30pm. If you a fiddling with the dial on your radio, listen in to hear their story and how they got to perform at this years Tattoo.
15th September 2013
ust back from Markethill, where the joint marching rehearsal was taking place with Brookeborough Flute Band and Ballinran Flute Band, under the watchful eye of Senior Drum Major Brian Wilson MBE.
12th September 2013
Just back from Markethill, where the joint marching rehearsal was taking place with Brookeborough Flute Band and Ballinran Flute Band, under the watchful eye of Senior Drum Major Brian Wilson MBE.
11th September 2013
Good to see Ulster Scots music getting some time on BBC Television. Fred Morrison, absolute legend and Diana Culberstson from Dunloy Accordion Band great performance. Hope we see Fred back on these shores soon.
10th September 2013
Folks, news reaches me of the possibility of two part time jobs which might becoming available. The Jobs would be based in the centre of Belfast, with hours 9am - 1pm and 1pm - 5pm. Work may involve general Office work and receptionist duties.
9th September 2013
The first of our behind the scenes video diaries will be posted tomorrow, we hope you enjoy. I for one won't be asking to see the Tattoo, but see what you think !!!!
7th September 2013
Our friends from Brookeborough Flute Band send me news that one of their members Stuart Murphy got himself married yesterday. Congratulations Stuart from all of us here at The Belfast Tattoo, we hope you and your bride have a very happy life together.
6th September 2013
Friday is here and we are having a production meeting for the sound and lighting companies supplying this vital part of the Tattoo experience.
6th September 2013
As a result of repositioning some of the VIP party we have been able to put a few more of the top price seats on sale for both the Friday and Saturday evening performances.
27th August 2013
Four weeks to go to The Belfast Tattoo 2013 takes place. Lots of work to do, pressure beginning to mount, but still with one eye on 2014.
27th August 2013
Keep an eye out for the TV Adverts on UTV this week as we gear up for the 27th September.
26th August 2013
Ticket Update
We can now confirm that additional seats have now been made available for The Belfast Tattoo. With only Five Weeks to go until the opening night we are truly humbled by the response we have had to this event by you the Ticket buying public. Seats are available from today through the Odyssey Arena Or through
15th August 2013
Seven Towers, Ravara, Aughintober, Manor Cunningham & Cottown, together with our Pipe Band Major Brian Wilson will be competing at The World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow this Saturday.
23rd July 2013
Well back to work after the holiday, hope you all enjoyed the sun over the last couple of weeks and lets hope it continues!
24th June 2013
We would like to thank you for sharing our posts with your friends and would ask you to keep doing that to get our stats up for the Tourist Board.
17th June 2013
So the eight most powerful people in the World are here today and Tomorrow. Did they not know they could get their Tickets for The Belfast Tattoo by going onto, they didn't have to fly here and queue up outside the Odyssey Arena.!!!
14th June 2013
We have been asked, By The Odyssey Arena, to authorise the release of additional seats for sale to the public.
10th June 2013
Aughintober Pipe Band finished second in their grade on Saturday at the Cookstown competition, which was very good news and Brian Wilson won the Senior Drum Major competition at the same event, congratulations to both parties.
7th June 2013
For those of you in the Pipe Band Fraternity the Mid Ulster Championships are on this Saturday with all of the Pipe Bands appearing in the Tattoo taking part, so if you are into your Pipe Band music please head to Cookstown to support our bands.
6th June 2013
We are preparing to meet with Nigel Edgar tonight, to discuss some of the musical arrangements for the finale to allow the bands to get on and rehearse.
3rd June 2013
On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Co Antrim Pipe Band Championship, held in Carrickfergus. It was good to see some of those bands taking part in our Tattoo doing so well.
31st May 2013
Sincere thanks and appreciation to the members of Vow Accordion Band, led by June Clyde, for their remarkable support for the Tattoo and the number of people they have persuaded to come along and join us at the Tattoo.
8th May 2013
And so the rehearsals go on at pace. Tonight sees the next joint marching rehearsal between Dunloy and Vow Accordion Bands.
8th May 2013
Today we send our congratulations to Dame Mary Peters who receives the Freedom of the City of Belfast.
7th May 2013
For those of you who are intending to go to the Tattoo on the Saturday night, now is the time to get those Tickets before you miss out.
30th April 2013
We are pleased to announce we have appointed two local firms to provide the sound and lighting for the Tattoo
28th April 2013
5 months away from the Tattoo taking place & our TV advert on UTV has our Ticket Sales absolutely bang on target!
22nd April 2013
This week and next see's the push to get all of the music sorted and agreed for this years Tattoo.
22nd April 2013
Next Sunday rehearsals commence for those chosen to appear as The Belfast Tattoo Dancers.
22nd April 2013
Aside from Azerbaijan, other countries taking an interest in The Belfast Tattoo website include : USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, South Africa, Kenya, Scotland, Ireland
17th April 2013
Who would have guessed that people in Azerbaijan would be taking an interest in The Belfast Tattoo. Not only are they taking an interest but want to take part at some point in the future.
10th April 2013
Congratulations to our dancing choreographer, Michelle Johnston, for winning the adult section of the Ulster Highland Dance Championships held recently in Londonderry.
6th April 2013
Joining Alan McBride in the singing will be Sylvia Burnside who will lead the audience through some well known Scottish songs.
3rd April 2013
Starting to design the programme for the Tattoo, Any businesses wishing to advertise and show their support for the event, drop us a message and we'll get back to you with details.
29th March 2013
The Belfast Tattoo will be the biggest event of its type in the Province this year with some 700 musicians and dancers taking part each evening.
27th March 2013
Alan McBride is one of former World Champion Drum Majors taking part in The Belfast Tattoo this year. Alan will also be one of the singers leading the audience through Auld Lang Sang, and a few other songs at this years Tattoo.
26th March 2013
Great night with Brookeborough and Ballinran Flute Bands at their joint rehearsal tonight in Armagh, sounding great!!
16th March 2013
Over 1,000 people saw the statement from Tourism Minister, Arlene Foster, about The Belfast Tattoo.
15th March 2013
11th March 2013
Chinese Community Dragon Dance team announced in the form of the Success Lion Dance Team
6th March 2013
The Odyssey Arena have asked us to remind you that Tickets for the Tattoo are available directly from their Box Office if anyone is going to the Arena for other events.
5th March 2013
Advertising began on Downtown Radio
4th March 2013
Mary Peters announced as chief guest
4th March 2013
Advertising banner erected outside The Odyssey Arena
28th February 2013
Aughintober Pipe Band are coming to the Waterfront Hall, Belfast in April. Featuring some local and Scottish traditional musicians playing with Scottish Power Pipe Band.
27th February 2013
First guest of honour invited to "Take the Salute" from the artistes at the end of the show will be Lord Laird of Artigarvan, the first Chairman of the Ulster Scots Agency
25th February 2013
MC for The Belfast Tattoo will be Ms Helen Mark.
Of Greenfingers, Countryfile, Farming Today, Open Country and The Family Show.
23rd February 2013
In response to the enquiry about Ticket sales, Tickets are selling strongly thanks to the recent advertising campaign on UTV.
22nd February 2013
The Tattoo has been a long time coming to fruition, driven by UlsterScots people, we want to make sure it is of the highest standard and worthy of support.
21st February 2013
Received the voice overs for the Radio Adverts
Can I thank Tommy Miller, from the programme Kist O Words and producer Karl Walker for their advice input and assistance in the making of these pieces.
20th February 2013
World champion Drum majors appearing will be Alan McBride - world champion Drum Major 5 times , Violet McBride - World Champion Drum Major 3 times, and Brian Wilson again a former World Champion Drum Major who is currently competing in New Zealand.
20th February 2013
To the 64 people in London, 23 people in Glasgow, 17 people in Dublin and 13 people in Liverpool who are taking our feeds on The Belfast Tattoo we thank you all.
19th February 2013
Fred Mitchell has agreed to join our team to work with our Musical Director in putting together a fantastic Finale for this years Tattoo event. Fred is a well known composer and arranger!

The Belfast Tattoo has been several years in the planning, and moving forward, it will now be an annual event for the City of Belfast. Participants in 2013 include:

The Massed UlsterScots Pipe Band
Featuring Ravara Pipe Band; Seven Towers Pipe Band; Aughintober Pipe Band; Killeen Pipe Band, Cottown Pipe Band & Mannorcunningham Pipe Band.

Flute Bands
eaturing Brookeborough Flute Band & Ballinran Flute Band.

Accordion Bands
Featuring Dunloy Accordion Band & Vow Accordion Band.

Silver Bands
Featuring Murley Silver Band & Dungannon Silver Band.

The Belfast Tattoo Highland Dance Troupe
Drawing dancers from all parts of Ulster and down into Dublin, and will be led and choreographed by Michelle Johnston, current Ulster Highland Dance Champion at adult level for the sixth year in a row

Ex-World Champion Drum Majors
Brian Wilson MBE, Violet McBride MBE & Alan McBride

The Success Dance Team
rom the Chinese Community will perform the spectacle that is The Dragon Dance.
MC for The Belfast Tattoo will be Ms Helen Mark.
Among Helens' extensive list of presenting credits including Greenfingers, Countryfile, Farming Today, Open Country and The Family Show.

Helen also presents many programmes centred around the UlsterScots, especially Santer and Kist O Wurds.

Dame Mary Peters DBE LL RNR
Dame Mary will be in attendance on Saturday 28th September & will take the salute at the end of the evening!
Dame Mary has been an inspiration to people throughout Northern Ireland, bringing people together in times of trouble, through her sporting triumphs.
She is the current Lord Lieutenant of the City of Belfast.
In May of this year, she will be given the Freedom of the City o Belfast.

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster
“This is great news that Belfast will host a Tattoo for the first time, which will display the talents of our world class musicians, at a local venue, The Odyssey Arena. The Tattoo will highlight Northern Ireland’s rich tradition of pipe, drum, flute and accordion music, and Scottish highland dancing. I look forward to the Belfast Tattoo becoming an annual event for local people and tourists to enjoy. This is another unique event, supported by Northern Ireland Tourist Board, that will attract visitors to Belfast from Northern Ireland, Great Britain and beyond.”

This historic event will showcase some of the finest musicians and dancers from across Ulster in a two hour show which will allow the artistes and bands to feature and showcase their talents on a scale or in an arena never before available to these artistes and bands.

The Tattoo will have its roots unashamedly in the traditions of the UlsterScots people but will reach out, through the forthcoming years, to showcase the talents, through music and dance, that UlsterScots people have come into contact with as they have travelled around the world and also those traditions and people who have come to Ulster and had an impact on the traditions of the people of Ulster.
Seven Towers Pipe Band
Seven Towers Pipe Band are a Grade one standard, having won the grade two world championships in Glasgow in 2011.
Dunloy Accordion Band
Dunloy Accordian Band were formed in 1956 & based in the small village of Dunloy, with a strong emphasis of attracting and teaching young people

Ballinran Flute Band
Ballinran Flute Band has one of the strongest and most dynamic drum corps in UlsterScots music. The band perform using B flat wooden flutes.
The Belfast Tattoo has its roots firmly based in the history, music and dance traditions of the Ulster Scots people who have spread their wings around the world and have gone on to have such a major influence and direction on those countries and people they have come into contact with around the world.

Ulster has, per head of population, more marching bands than anywhere else in the world. Some of these bands have reputations which extend around the world for their excellence in competition and also produce musicians that have gone on to be world leaders in the chosen field of music. In this the first year of the Belfast Tattoo, which will go on to be an annual event, the Tattoo will focus on those bands that are at the top of their field playing the instruments which are central to their tradition as well as highlighting those people who strive to keep the Scottish Highland Dance tradition as part of the culture of the Ulster Scots people.

The Tattoo will also reach out to highlight and include the culture and life of those people who have also had an effect on the life and culture of the Ulster Scots people.

It is a happy coincidence that 2013 is the year that the Tourism bodies in Ireland are reaching out around the world to encourage people to return home to their roots to discover what made them the people they have become.

By drawing together some of the most dynamic and creative talent from within Ulster today, using innovative production, heart stopping sound, imaginative graphics and state of the art lighting, the show will captivate a cosmopolitan audience and throw a bright light on the culture of the Ulster Scots using hundreds of pipers, drummers, singers, dancers and will showcase a percussion piece specially commissioned for the Tattoo. The show will be brought to an emotional and poignant close, each evening, by a Lone Piper playing a haunting lament high in the ramparts within the body of the arena.

The Belfast Tattoo 2013
Promoted by Wonderland Productions NI Ltd - By Arrangement with RCW Live Events Ltd